Seattle Bike Share Rates Comparison


Geekwire has posted the upcoming, proposed bike share locations in Seattle. The bike share is managed by Alta Bicycle Share (Portland), which designs, deploys and manages similar programs across the world.  In Seattle the bike share will run $85 for an annual pass and $8 for a 24-hour pass.  These seem like very reasonable rates that will allow many of us to live without personally owned vehicles. But, how does this compare to other cities? We created a simple Excel bar chart to compare the 24-hour rental cost in New York and Melbourne referenced in a feature about Mia Birk, the Bike Share Expert (Monocole 75, page 68).

$2.50 AUD ($2.33 USD) in Melbourne is almost off the charts! Go to Australia, travel all day for less than the price of a Top Pot doughnut.